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Paul Hill, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist • Edmonton, Alberta 🇨🇦

Paul Hill

Paul Hill

Back in 2002 I signed up for my first 10KM run. I orchestrated my own training plan and still remember how I felt on that start line –– terrified.

September 2017, I stood on the start line for my first 100KM Ultra. The feeling in my stomach? Exactly the same. Terrified, but this time with confidence of experience.

In the time between I’ve completed several Marathons, Triathlons (including 2 Ironman distance and multiple half Ironman distances), and cycled over 3,000 KM in New Zealand in 30 days. In my personal life, I left a 15-year career in lighting design in the UK to travel the world. That's how I met my wife who in turn led me to Edmonton, Alberta. 🇨🇦

In the year I went travelling I used the time to decide what I really wanted to do with my life, and it always came back to helping people achieve their goals.

I spent two years gaining qualifications In Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy so I could create Evolution Hill; a place you can come to set goals, break down the barriers in achieving these goals, and be confident that you can reach your full potential.

I deliver a personally tailored service to meet your needs. Each and every one of us is different –– from the way we’re built to the way we think. That means the way we work together will be tailored to you.

I’ll use my years of experience, knowledge from the mistakes I’ve made, and my drive to succeed to help you kickstart that new lifestyle you’ve been craving. Want to know how to get that marathon PB? Or maybe how to recover from that injury that’s always been stopping you? I’m here to help.

My particular style of training involves functional movements. Everything we do will have a purpose, and I’ll push you to gain new ground. I understand some people respond to being motivated differently which is why it’s important for you to know your experience will be unique so it works for you.


Paul Hill
Personal Training
One to One Personal Training Sessions Gym Based or Home Visit
Small Group Exercise Sessions (Two Person Maximum)
Online Coaching and Training Plan Development
Outdoor Circuit Sessions (Seasonal)
Free to Participate Monthly Challenges (check Facebook page for details)
Paul Hill
Massage Therapy
Whilst I’m a qualified massage therapist in the UK licensing issues in Canada mean this service won’t be available till 2019. You will however benefit from my knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

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